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Pod Farm Metal Tone - Mesa Boogie Rectifier [MIX READY PRESET]

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Pod Farm Metal Tone - Mesa Boogie Rectifier [MIX READY PRESET]

~~~ THE SOUND ~~~

~~~ For Only $4.99 you're getting ~~~

* The preset - crafted by me, you just import it & play MIX READY - NO EXTRA PLUGINS!

~~~ Requirements ~~~

You need to own Pod Farm 2.5 in any DAW that supports Pod Farm with the Cali Diamond Plate model.

Both Windows / Mac compatible, as long as you've got yourself the Pod Farm installed with the diamond plate amp.

~~~ Additional Mini Info & Refund Policy~~~

The riff in the video is NOT my riff, for the riffs please check out the Nerve End band.

The sound might sound a bit different with different guitars, pickups, strings, wood but I am sure you already know that :) Feel free to adjust the noise threshold if your pickups produce louder noise.

Since you can hear exactly what you get, refunds are only acceptable if I won't send you the download link (which will never happen).

For $4.99 (50% off) you're getting my guitar rig 5 preset (of course) with my custom made guitar rig components combined with EQs, Compressors, etc (everything included in a the Pod Farm Preset file) - just Plug & Play, MIX-READILY.

From $9.99 -> $4.99 for a limited time, ADD TO CART NOW!