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FULL HD 1080p - Mixing and Mastering Tutorial [Works With Every Daw]

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Here’s my first Full Mixing and Mastering Tutorial using plugins only.

I show you every simple plugin that I use for each track and I also talk about why I used it.

~~~ No matter what DAW you’re using, being Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton or FL Studio (etc) the concept is exactly the same ~~~

Something To Notice

The stems were taken from the ReThink mixing course from Graham.
I’ve bought it, I was curious to check it out.

Also I’ve found the original song here (it’s not my mix):

Well, I hope I could send you the mixing stems to let you mix step by step, but I am not sure I can do that, it would be stupid of me to make the files public for download when graham sells them so…

But I am sure it’s not wrong to show you my way of mixing this track and thought procedure.

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